CSU Long Beach (CSULB) is a highly competitive university of talented and diverse students that has consistently ranked among the top five public comprehensive universities in the West (US News & World Report) and as one of the best value public universities in the nation (Princeton Review Americaa��s Best Value Colleges).

As part of the Long Beach College Promise, we are pleased to offer three pathways to CSULB admission for LBUSD high school seniors.A� To participate in any of these pathways, LBUSD applicants must have successfully completed all A-G college preparation courses and achieved the CSU minimum Eligibility Index (that is, be a�?CSU eligiblea�?),

All seniors interested in attending CSULB for Fall 2014, must apply to CSULB by November 30th @ www.csumentor.edu.

For admissions questions and assistance, please contact the CSULB Outreach Office at (562) 985-5358 or visit the Enrollment Services website at www.csulb.edu/enrollment.

  1. 1.A�A�A�A� Admission to CSULB for Fully Prepared Students

LBUSD seniors who are CSU eligible, have an Eligibility Index of 3200 or higher, and meet CSULB application procedures and deadlines, will be guaranteed admission to CSU Long Beach.

To be admitted directly to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and nursing fields, freshman applicants must have strong math skills reflected in SAT/ACT scores; LBUSD freshman applicants to these fields without demonstrated strong math skills will be admitted to the campus as a�?undeclareda�? and will have to demonstrate strong math skills to join one of these majors.A� To be admitted directly to dance and music performance majors, freshman applicants must participate in auditions.A� (See web link above for more details.)

  1. CSULB BEACH Promise Pathways

CSULB BEACH Promise Pathways is a route to CSULB for students who have good potential for college success but whose GPA and test scores may not fully reflect that potential.A� LBUSD seniors who are CSU eligible and who have an Eligibility Index between 2900 and 3200 will be invited apply to CSULBa��s new BEACH Promise Pathways.A� Applicants who have overcome significant hardship; have had limited family income; demonstrate strong community involvement and leadership; and who haveA�a high potential for success will be considered.A� Interested students will be invited to submit a supplemental application for a holistic admission review.

  1. Long Beach City Collegea��s (LBCC) Pathways Transfer Program (a partnership with CSULB)

LBUSD seniors who are CSU eligible and but who are not admitted through either of the pathways above will be guaranteed admission to Long Beach City Collegea��s Pathways Program. LBCC Pathways will support students with transfer preparation, advising, and career services.A� Upon successful completion of transfer admission requirements in the LBCC Pathways Program, students will be guaranteed admission to CSULB.

Dona��t miss out on your opportunity for admission to California State University, Long Beach, a great universityA�Among the Nationa��s Best!