The Long Beach College Promise (The Promise) partners are committed to helping all Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) students achieve a college credential or degree. Each LBUSD student is considered a “Promise” student.

Elementary school students are provided college tours in both the 4th and 5th grades. Middle school students, and their parents or guardians, learn how to be college ready and commit to doing their part by signing a College Promise Pledge. High school students are provided access to AP courses and reduced AP test fees. Long Beach City College provides Promise students a tuition-free first year and Cal State Long Beach guarantees admission for all qualified Promise students in spite of the record high demand to access the campus.

Below is additional information to help students succeed in higher education.

LBUSD Information for Current Students

In order to be eligible for the Tuition Free Year at LBCC, you must graduate from a local high school and enroll at LBCC the fall immediately after graduation. See: the LBUSD graduation requirements and a graduation worksheet that allows you to track your progress.

In order to be guaranteed admission to CSULB, you must meet the minimum CSU admission requirements, which includes completing the “A-G college entrance coursework in high school. See: “A-G” college entrance requirements and a chart that compares LBUSD graduation requirements to the “A-G requirements.

Preparation for higher education begins in elementary school when you learn how to read, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Since the 2009/2010 school year, all elementary school students have been provided exposure to higher education with all 4th grade classes visiting LBCC and all 5th grade classes visiting CSULB.

Preparation for higher education continues in middle school where you should begin taking school seriously (if you’re not already) and getting good grades. When it comes time to select a LBUSD high school, grades matter. Certain programs at certain high schools require a minimum middle school grade point average.

While preparation for higher education begins in elementary school and continues in middle school, high school is probably the most critical time to prepare for college.

LBCC Information for Prospective Students

A Tuition-Free First Year at LBCC: All local high school graduates who enroll at LBCC the fall immediately after graduation will have their first year tuition fees paid by the Long Beach College Foundation. More information about the program is available.

Promise Pathways: LBUSD students who plan to enroll at LBCC and who have signed a contract and taken rigorous college-prep coursework, can participate in the Promise Pathways which offer guaranteed access to courses which lead to your goal along with intensive support. Contact the LBCC Outreach Office or high school counselor for more information.

LBCC Information for Current Students

If you are currently a LBCC student who graduated from a LBUSD high school or other Long Beach area high school, you can be guaranteed admission to transfer to CSULB if you must meet minimum CSULB transfer requirements. Learn more about the CSULB transfer requirements.

CSULB Prospective Students


Students interested in attending Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) need to begin preparing for admission to the university as a freshman in high school. All students need to meet certain requirements, including a college preparatory pattern of classes (referred to as the A-G courses), before they can be admitted to CSULB.

Additionally, student grade point averages (GPA) are important. Students who have a GPA of 3.0 or better in college preparatory courses taken in 10th through 12th grades automatically meet the minimum eligibility requirements for most programs and campuses of the CSU. For those with GPAs between 2.0 and 3.0, however, their eligibility also depends on their ACT (American College Test) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) results in combination with their GPA. CSULB requires all prospective freshmen who graduate from an American high school to submit an SAT or ACT score regardless of GPA.

See more information about what it takes to become a freshman at CSULB.

Transfer Students

Local students interested in transferring to CSULB from Long Beach City College must also meet minimum qualifying requirements, including the completion of 60 or more transferable semester units by the end of the prior spring term for fall entrance. See more information on transfer requirements and the application process.