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Long Beach City College and California State University Long Beach each offer their own unique benefits and programs. If you have the choice of attending either school and are unsure which institution is best suited for you, there are a few ways in which you can come to the right decision.

Speak with your support system.

To help them reach their professional goals, partners of the LBCP work as a unified system to assist students throughout their entire educational trajectory. Together, these institutions promote excellence with robust early childhood education opportunities, college and career preparation through a high-quality public school system, internships, tuition-free community college for two years at LBCC, and intentional support from CSULB.

Visit a local college/career center and speak with a counselor.

Reviewing all of your options can be overwhelming. Discussing your educational and career goals with a counselor at your school or at a nearby career center can allow you to map out your own personal path. A counselor can also provide additional insight regarding financial aid, degree options, and other programs provided by each school that can contribute to your success.

Carefully review the programs that are available at each school.

Whether or not you already have an idea of the area(s) of study you’d like to pursue, it can be highly beneficial to review the available programs at each institution. Additionally, if you’re a part of any extracurriculars, such as athletics, you may want to research opportunities for continued participation during your college career.

For more information, you can always reach out to specific department heads, program leads, or athletic coaches!

The Long Beach Promise has built a foundation for my educational success; The Promise has brought me a community of Supportive student peers and amazing staff members. The Long Beach Promise program has helped me ensure success in my achievements. This program has made me feel extremely confident in my journey to medical school to become a Pediatric Physician. Thank you so much to LBCC’s Long Beach Promise for bringing greatness to students.

Long Beach City College
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