The Long Beach community has an award-winning school district, a top-tier community college and one of the most popular and sought after California State Universities in the state. Through the Long Beach College Promise (The Promise), the Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach City College, and California State University, Long Beach are all working to help students succeed in higher education.

Parents can play an important role in helping their children succeed in college. To do so, you need to take an active interest early in your children’s education and continue to help through high school so that they will be prepared to enter and succeed in college.

Follow the links below to get more information about how you can assist your student and to access the Long Beach College Promise.

LBUSD Parents

Parents play a crucial role in helping to prepare their children for college, whether students are in their elementary, middle or high school years.

For more information on college readiness and parent involvement in grades K-12, visit the website of LBUSD’s Office of Equity, Access/College & Career Readiness at Equity, Access/College & Career Readiness.

LBCC Parents

Students should prepare for LBCC like they would for any other college or university by taking rigorous, college-preparatory course work. While there are no specific admission requirements to LBCC, students will have to perform at the same level in English, math and other courses to be successful. Encourage students to take four years of math and to enroll in rigorous English, science and social science courses to prepare them for college level work.

Promise Pathways: This pathway is offered to LBUSD students who plan to enroll at LBCC. Students who have signed a contract and taken rigorous college-prep coursework can participate in the Promise Pathways program, which offers guaranteed access to courses leading to their college goal along with intensive support. Contact the LBCC Outreach Office or high school counselor for more information

A Tuition-Free First Year at LBCC: All local high school graduates who enroll at LBCC the fall immediately after graduation will have their first year tuition fees paid by the Long Beach College Foundation. No application is necessary – every local student’s enrollment fees will be automatically covered.

CSULB Parents

As students reach the high school level, they must start working toward meeting requirements that will allow them to enroll in either the community college or four-year university of their choice, including Cal State Long Beach (CSULB).

Parents interested in having their children enroll at CSULB as a freshman can visit the university website to learn more about the admission requirements and application process to enroll at the Long Beach campus.

For students who attended Long Beach Unified School District and who are interested in transferring from Long Beach City College, The Promise guarantees these students admission to CSULB if they meet the minimum transfer requirements to the university. Parents can learn more about those transfer requirements on the CSULB website.